11846662_523111324502509_8456791794188878510_n“I never visualise a picture before I start. I have an impulse and try to find a form from that impulse. In painting you re experience what the painter experienced, one brushstroke over another.” Frank Auerbach


Eilidh Stewart grew up on the Hebridean island of North Uist. She studied fine art at the University of The Highlands and Islands where she obtained a BA (HONS) in Fine Art during 2013.

Dividing her time between painting and her career as an Art & Design teacher, Eilidh currently lives and works in Strontian on the Ardnamurchan peninsula. Although based in Ardnamurchan, Eilidh often travels to North Uist and the surrounding islands in search of inspiration. Each piece begins as small locational sketches which often aim to capture the ever changing light as well as raw aspects of the sea. Studies are later used as starting points to develop oil paintings, where the varied application of layered textures creates a feeling of depth, whilst reflecting the sea’s movements. Collage and mono printing combine to build up the natural variation of surfaces found on rocks which surround the Hebridean coast.

Eilidh’s prolific approach, combined with a strong passion for subject matter, has seen her work exhibited in reputable galleries throughout Scotland. During 2017, ‘Tides’ her first Solo Exhibition proved successful. One of her paintings is currently on display in the Scottish parliament building. Recently Eilidh was selected to have her artist profile published in, “Professional Artist Magazine.”



Capturing mood is everything! This body of work explores vast skies and turbulent seas. Weather and water manipulate our landscape, this in turn affects how we view it. Landscape can have a profound impact on our senses. The sea air can be intoxicating, it offers meditative powers, whether calm or threatening it remains a powerful force. Visiting a variety of locations and recording these places through the medium of photography enables me to capture fleeting movement and colour. Photographs are then further developed in the studio, these developments do not always aim to reflect photographic qualities. Oil paint is a tactile medium with diverse properties, resulting in layered and varied mark making reflecting the sea’s harsh movements. My work aims to pay tribute to the raw aspects of our natural world and remind us to reconnect to these places, regardless of how we choose to remember them.